BFGoodrich Company

BFGoodrich-EPICWe designed and developed a National Sales Training System for the BFGoodrich Company which we maintained and enhanced over 12 years.

This program created training certification and testing programs for Tire Stores and Centers along with incentive levels for the various product lines and extra accomplishments tracking such as scrapbook entries.

Some of the key features included:

  • Registration process and tracking
  • Certification program training with multiple tracks and levelsEPIC Case Study - Pepboys
  • Awards tracking and shipping
  • Scrapbook Contests
  • Specialty Club Training Programs (i.e. Pep Boys)

Goodrich offers a broad range of advanced systems, products and services that provide nose-to-tail solutions for the aerospace and defense industry.  A technical publications catalog and Extranet were designed for the Goodrich company. The online catalog gives each of their business units and customers access to the latest versions of technical publications. This catalog database also contains an easy update administration area which allows the Goodrich administrator to securely update the catalog information.