Bravo Consulting Group

Audio Visual and Media (AV&M) Installation Project

EPIC Paradigms Group, LLC was selected from a group of many other competitors and subsequently awarded the product and services support contract for the Bravo AV&M installation project.

The statement of objective and tasks required were all a part of the overall renovation of the Bravo Consulting Group, LLC’s Corporate Headquarters located at 11260 Roger Bacon Dr., Suite 503, in Reston, VA. The project was executed within the tolerance of cost, schedule and scope.

Specifically, the renovation’s focus was to create an environment that afforded Bravo’s staff a Silicon Valley workspace that would foster a collaborative culture for communications and the employees experiencing a sense of being connected to one another in support of all their clients. The newly designed Bravo office space is more ascetically pleasing with an open environment, which is the catalyst for superior thought leadership, problem solving and the creating excellent work product.

EPIC’s engineering and placement of monitors and sound complements were essential to achieving the aforementioned goals. The Bravo executive management team, as well as the staff, was extremely pleased with the total results. EPIC’s utility immersion included, but was not limited to:

  • 50′ and 60′ Monitors in strategic meeting rooms and the Bravo’s Executive Leadership offices;
  • Tactical placement of quality speakers; and,
  • Engineering plans for the later incorporation of sound masking for a Sensitive Compartmentalized Facility (SCIF).

On behalf of the Bravo team, many thanks for a job well done! We encourage other potential clients to engage EPIC, they will go above and beyond, exceed expectations and produce a superior product and provide excellent customer service.” Mr. Robert E. Burton II (Rb), Executive Director and COO