Meridian Hospitality Development

The continued development of audiovisual technology means that both private consumers and commercial enterprises have the ability to utilize this communication tool very effectively. With the increasing emphasis on audiovisual technology as a way to enhance learning and collaboration across an organization, construction projects need to account for audiovisual technology as early as possible so that the project can be smoothly integrated.

EPIC Paradigms Group, LLC (EPIC) has expanded its suite of capabilities to include development and construction.  We combined with a dedicated team of professionals primed and thoroughly resourced to create, design, construct, manage, operate, and maintain the lodging facilities and the associated real estate over the long-term… Meridian Hospitality Group, LLC (MHG).

As a populated organization that is a fully resourced, vertically integrated, single-service provider, principal owners contribute assets, resources, and share project revenues based upon equity participation to provide the highest caliber individuals and quality products.

MHG’s operational, business model consists of a core group of members and experts who guide the Company’s master scheduling of resources and requirements while extending, appropriately, the day-to-day, acute decisions to be made by its onsite field experts.

This organizational model affords MHG the flexibility and expertise required to execute approved plans to occur seamlessly with our clients’ teams, partners and other contractors, to work independently as needed to support the needs of each development accordingly.

Meridian Hospitality Group contracts a broad range of hospitality facilities which includes lodging, clubs, entertainment centers, restaurants, transportation, mix-use developments and additional fields within the service industry.

Whether through traditional forms of contact or Design & Build, we can be relied upon to complete our work safely, on time and on budget.  Much of our work is for clients who return to us again and again because they know we will deliver what we promise – exceptional standards of project management, workmanship, and aftercare.

The EPIC/MHG Team provides you with the support you need to make your next project a successful experience.