DeHoff Realtors

Design and Develop an Online Relocation Sales Program and Tracking and Management System

DeHoff-Realtors_EPICPGWe worked with DeHoff Realtors – one of the largest realty firms in the Stark County, Ohio to design and develop an online Relocation Tracking and Management System. This system enabled the Relocation Specialist to enter a relocation request and then assign that request to a specific Broker/Agent. These requests could be “Incoming” where someone wanted to relocate to the Stark County area or “Outgoing” where someone was looking to relocate somewhere else in the country.

To facilitate and manage these transactions, the system sends an initial notification to the specific agent, whether internal or external, which would contain the system EPIC and temporary login information. The agent would then be able to see the introductory information related to the desired transaction as well as the associated terms. Once the agent accepted the terms, they would then be able to see the entire record as well as enter their selling tasks and current status of the deal. The system would also send update reminder prompts to the agent to ensure that the deals were being actively worked on and not lost in the shuffle.

This system was instrumental in improving the closing of more sales and also ensuring that the entitled commissions were paid to DeHoff.

Some of the key features of this system include:

  • Multiple access levels – Relocation Administrator, Realtor Agency, Realtor Agent
  • Referral intake and assignment
  • Agent acceptance of DeHoff Terms for the deal
  • Email notifications at various stages of the selling or buying process
  • Closing information tracking
  • Multiple reports and data views

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