District Department of Transportation (DDOT)

Development of Management Performance Measures
Business Process Re-engineering Support

By evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of DDOT business processes and by performing the analyses of the Department’s operational functions, EPIC facilitated the assessment, planning, and implementation of the necessary initiatives to improve DDOT processes.  EPIC also developed internal procedures for systems use/operation in DDOT-EPIC-Paradigmsaccordance with DDOT policies.  To ensure the integration of all systems components, EPIC interviewed and consulted with internal customers to refine functional requirements that provide for future objectives that translate requirements into design and development specifications.

Business Process Flows were produced for each Administration covering its core services. Finally, EPIC prepared and published a Performance Management Indicators Execution and Deployment Strategy for DDOT’s established and approved Performance Measures.

“EPIC has served as the District Department of Transportation’s Subject Matter Expert of choice for three very critical mission components:  Human Resource Modernization; Performance Measures Initiative; and, the DDOT Web Portal.  EPIC’s leadership in these areas were outstanding with their focus on enhancement of the District’s Human Capital, its processes and its technologies.  I highly recommend EPIC for any considerations associated with Organizational Analysis, Business Development and/or Strategic Planning.”  Jerryl Trammel, Former CIO – Washington, D.C. District Department of Transportation