Judicial Information Systems

EPIC Paradigms Group provides legal and law enforcement clientele with best in practice Judicial Information System. Specifically, EPIC delivers its clients with secure jury management software systems and court technology services to courts throughout its service territory of Ohio and the Washington, D.C. area. We serve our customers by delivering services and solutions focused on each customer’s specific needs, with particular emphasis on developing and integrating information systems and improving technology in court processing.

EPIC extends its services from case preparation to in process court proceedings. The preparation service offerings are as follow:

  • Electronic Discovery Reference;
  • Digital recreation of environmental attributes;
  • Data processing management assistance;
  • Design, Build and Execution of best practices in Digital Forensics Investigations;
  • Document Management: Design, Build and Maintain case data with Records Management;
  • Advise on nearly any issue regarding data management for legal obligations relating to compliance or regulatory impediments; and,
  • Liaison to other State / Local information offices.

EPIC Past Performance Judicial Information Systems

EPIC’s ultimate service offering to judicial officers is effective management of its cases and workload whether in chambers, on the bench, or remotely. All phases of cases are considered as they move into and through the court system – from the moment a new case is received and assigned through final post-sentence monitoring.

EPIC’s suite of JIS applications and benefits are as follow:

  • Case Management and Financial Summaries;
  • Integrated Document & Media Management, including eDiscovery;
  • Evidence Management;
  • Digital Court Document Reviews;
  • Dynamic Case Flow Management;
  • Electronic Discovery: Remote and Ad Hoc;
  • Hardware and Virtual Forensics;
  • Digital Court Filings;
  • Electronic Payments;
  • Secure Client Collaboration; and,
  • Information Technology System Audits;

EPIC principals have worked with Municipalities and Court Systems for over fifteen years and hope to serve you soon.