GBS – CourtView Online Court Dockets

CourtView-epic-paradigmsGBS – CourtView Online Court Dockets

EPIC leveraged its extensive knowledge of Court Systems and processes to partner with GBS Corporation and more recently CourtView to provide online docket systems for Municipal and Common Pleas courts throughout Ohio. 

These systems make use of the internal court docket software used by the various courts where we replicate the pertinent case data to our servers to provide online docket services for the general public, law offices and title and background search companies. 

EPIC also provided online payments for traffic tickets as well as payments on the more complicated cases seen by the Common Pleas Courts.  Some of the key features of our Online Docket System include:

  • Online Municipal and Common Pleas Docket systems throughout Ohio;
  • Court Database Replication – Nightly Batch Processing and Real-Time Versions;
  • Online Case Payments and Processing.