The Stark County Family Council – Help Me Grow

Stark_Cnty_Family_Council blueDesign and Developed a Collaborative Assessment Program

“Help Me Grow” (HMG) is a national program designed to asses and provide help for at-risk children from 0 to 3 years of age which provides the greatest opportunity to significantly impact the child in their early development years. The HMG program in Stark County is supervised by Stark County Family Council which contracts with approximately 10 outside service agencies to work with the children and families. In addition there are a number of critical time-sensitive events that need to take place to meet funding requirements.

We designed, developed and maintained on online system which managed this entire program for Family Council for more than 15 years serving over 1800 children every year. This system eventually became the model for the State of Ohio system, incorporating a number of our screens and process models.  Some of the key features provided in our HMG system included:

  • Referral Tracking
  • New Child Intake
  • Task and Deadlines Monitoring
  • Outcomes Management
  • Mentoring / Access Levels – Supervisor a Case Worker a Parent / Guardian a Child
  • Assessments
  • Family Service Plan Tracking
  • Case Worker Hours Tracking and Billing System
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Used for more than 15 years serving over 1800 children every year
  • Became the model for the State of Ohio Help Me Grow system

The Stark County Family Council was created to open a dialogue among service organizations and families in order to create a broader awareness of important child and family issues. Working together, they develop, implement and evaluate coordinated responses to these issues.

The Stark County Family Council desired tools to administer and support its site independently. We developed an integrated on-line database with secure administration screens, allowing each agency to protect their individual information. This portal site evaluates and ties the county providers to the needs of the populace.