Tech Is All About Vision

Posted by Dave Van Horn, MeasureUP! Coaching Systems

The above photo is is the wallpaper on my desktop inside my computer. It is the most under estimated, under appreciated photo I know of.

It is the surface of Mars. In my lifetime, I hope to see an American flag planted here, just like the one I saw in July of 1969 planted on the moon. The moment, the effort brought the world together. It was the greatest achievement of humanity. It happened on our ‘watch’.

It defines the ‘opportunity’ available to all today who make the decision to roll out of bed in the morning and grasp the day.

As I gathered my thoughts for this first piece, on how to introduce the topic of tech. I suggest it is all about ‘vision’. What greater vision can there be than humans moving from this orb to others. Throughout humanity, when we are at our best, we are exploring.

What I fear most is that we will repeat the mistakes of the Chinese who essentially ruled the world, and in the 1490’s sent ships out to look for signs of ‘intelligent life’ and according to their accounts found ‘none’. Whence they turned inward and removed themselves from the world’s stage only to re-emerge within the past 60 years as a world power.

We sit at a point where as Americans we have made great strides, and seem to be ‘turning inward’ determined not to recognize our accomplishments, and lose faith in our ability to carry on, or see the value in tackling the problems that will allow us to travel the heavens. When in reality, our greatest opportunities are right here right now.

In that spirit, I ask you to slap yourself with a strong bracer of courage and explore how we can make life better on earth, using technology. So, ask yourself, is this good? Or is this something else?