3D Industry Is Maturing Nicely For The Better Good

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3D Printing
Posted by Byron Dillard, CEO – EPIC Paradigms Group, LLC

As a Luddite with a deeply curious interest in technology, I find myself blogging about things at a level most don’t consider – my concern is for the ramifications of the technology on society and the means in which it matures.  Luckily, 3D printing has better minds attached to it and the industry is being paced (matured) under the stewardship of really bright people.

For those of you who share an interest, I’d like to recommend a number of resources to join in on the conversation:

For me, I am particularly pleased to find the 3D industry is maturing nicely in industries that benefit the better good.  Specifically, I’ve been watching, at a distance, a number of organizations doing great things with the technology in healthcare and engineering.

Given a chance, I’d invite readers to visit the developments of the Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron, Ohio… The Institute is supported by an exceptional group of organizations that primarily consist:  of the Akron Children’s Hospital, First Energy, the Knight Foundation, Summa Health System and The University of Akron.  BioInnovation is doing some really cool things with research in prosthetics and bio-medical simlation…

3D printing and modeling, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), is a process where three dimensional objects are created by laying down successive layers of material are laid down through computer controls. It was first developed by Chuck Hull in 1984 using a process known as stereo-lithography. This technique uses ultraviolet (UV) lasers to cut photo-polymers.  As an emerging technology firm who, in part, bases its success on the ability to be competitive, I grow more and more intrigued with the utility of this as a marketing function and as the means to allow me rapid pricing during the bidding process.

3D printing will actually allow small business start-ups like EPIC Paradigms Group be competitive by:

  • Shrinking the design and development schematics of a process and/or structure from months to a matter of days;
  • Allow EPIC’s Design Team and Engineers to collaborate design possibilities with peers; and/or
  • Verify a design before investing expensive resources on a solution that doesn’t meet the requirements of our clients.

3D is a valuable and worthwhile technology for both small and large organizations… More to come…”