A/V Specialists Must Alter Their Paradigms

Posted by Byron Dillard, CEO – EPIC Paradigms Group, LLC

I recently sat through a presentation regarding the next generation of Audio Visual concerns and challenges only to find out that the A/V world remains challenged by an age old problem for those in the technology world, not adapting fast enough for clients and their support staff.

Much like a decade ago, the technology world was on fire (and that remains the case today) to create the foundation for stowing and creating relational database that provided speed and integrity. This push didn’t always take into account the legacy systems that would be required to move forward critical, archived data.
That high-level anecdote is happening now within the A/V world… A/V needs to challenge its service technicians to think about the deployment of its solutions to fit within the client environment seamlessly and possessing native-level operability that do not require additional hardware or workarounds.

In other words, if we are to complement (not compete) with the IT staff of our clients when we propose a value-added solution that either propels our clients’ communications requirements or refreshes them for enhanced presentations, we need to ensure that our design solutions will integrate with other applications, operating systems, and IT industry-standard monitoring and control consoles, as well as to be centrally managed and monitored.

Doing so, will pave the way for more cooperative discussion with the IT leadership and raise confidence with the client that its newly designed A/V systems will not disruptive in its integration with the existing technology utilities.

A/V specialists must alter their paradigms to fit into an ever changing environment where all things are becoming more connected and sought to be managed centrally rather than disparate service providers.