Staffing and Co-sourcing

Byron Dillard, CEO – EPIC Paradigms Group, LLC

I’m an avid fan of the Horses-For-Sources research site… their writers are always insightful and deliberate in their sharing of data collection. I’ve never questioned their methodology or analysis of the information promulgated. After reading the December issue of the site, I remain a fan.

My conveyance in this particular missive is to co-sign on the results presented in the article regarding, “80% of outsourcing relationships fail to deliver collaborative value… so, what can we (sic – Outsourcing Professionals) do?” I’m glad to see someone look at this from a more objective perspective.

Horses-For-Sources (HFS) recently surveyed its members and clients during their latest Summit and discovered over half their clients still perceive them as brokers of cost-efficiency… not capability:

HFS Working Summit

A bit of a side-bar before advancing… I’ve never met a client who didn’t appreciate cost-efficiency! But, I digress..

Moreover, what HFS discovered was a lack of collaborative effort between client and service provider:

HFS Working Summit2

But, all is not lost… HFS (and I) believe that the solution to this is to, “break this legacy master/slave culture,” and, adopt the following measures as a means to an end:

  1. Buyers (clients) need to entrust higher-value work to their providers (Out/co-sourcing service organizations), with their leadership incentivizing their middle-managers to “let go;”
  2. Leverage Robotic Process Automation to create renewed collaboration; and,
  3. There should be a shift to mutually beneficial outcomes by weaving design thinking into sourcing engagements.

I encourage Staffing professionals to read this very astute article… great work and guidance to return to basics.