Use cases for AI Blogging

Posted by Marc Canter
Self-Expression may not be a business model — but I play one in a Soap Opera

I know, I know — I can’t call it “AI Blogging.” My daughters would never use it.

But they Instagram and SnapChat all day long and I can’t help but feel that a new kind of tool is needed for them. After all — isn’t this the era of AI?

What would a blogging tool that had built-in AI look like?

When blogging came along 20+ years ago (I was there — sitting next to Dave Winer — rolling the joints) we had no idea what was coming. Monica Lewinsky, Trent Lott, Arab Spring! Who’d a thunk?

Dick Costolo (bless his heart) even came up with a way to make a fortune off of RSS. And Boing Boing gave birth to Internet Ads, John Battelle hustled the HELL out of that — and here we are…..
But Blogging has been given a bad name, despite WordPress’ success, Tumblr, Wix, SquareSpace, etc. The kids want to have NOTHING TO DO with Blogging!

Then 10 years ago — along come YouTube and BAM — video now found itself a place on the web! Steve Garfield became a superstar and Vlogging became “a thing.”

Who’d a thought that Twitch, PewDiePie and IHasCupQuake were even possible? Sure — I knew the likes of Leo Laporte and Chris Pirillo were gonna figure it out — but theHill88 rapping about LazyDork making fun of LonelyGirl? Really? Its up to 4.2m views now.

What happened with Video on the Web has reassured me that despite the tech press, social media pundits and visionaries declarations — new tech ALWAYS gets used for creative purposes — typically tied into ego, narcissism and marketing.

You may THINK that your eCommerce, marketing App is a better mousetrap — but nobody cares. They LOVE Vines, SnapChat and Instagram!  That’s called “self-expression” and its NOT a business model.

So what’s up now?

AR/VR and ChatBots

I’ve leave the wacky 3D to my friend Robert Scoble — but ChatBots fascinate me. I’m convinced that the same thing that happened to Blogging and Video-on-the-Internet — is gonna happen with ChatBots.

We got an early taste of that with the MessinaBot — but it’s more or less just a Resume Bot.  There’s more coming — I’m telling yah!