Technology Practice

The information age is advancing rapidly and affords a range of opportunities for corporations, big or small, to compete on a global basis. The means that afford this growth development and that levels the playing field are two things: Communications and the Internet of Things (IoT). Most of us think about being connected in terms of computers, tablets, and smartphones. The growing IoT world provides for a realm where just about anything can be connected and communicated in an intelligent fashion. In other words, with the Internet of Things, the physical world is becoming one big information system.

EPIC Paradigms Group offers a range of service offerings for its clients from digital assessments and product selections to end-to-end design of mission critical operations, solutions development of and for ongoing operational support in several areas:


  • Audio Systems;
  • Video Collaborations;
  • Video Displays;
  • Digital Media;
  • Website Design and Development with Analytics;
  • Mobile Application Development;
  • Training: Onsite and Web-enabled;
  • Managed and Professional Services;
  • Integrated Services; and,
  • Video Teleconferencing.


  • Control and Command;
  • Vulnerability Assessments;
  • Information Assurance through Penetration Testing;
  • Intelligent Building: Biometric Security and Remote Monitoring;
  • Secure Perimeter: CCTV and PTZ Cameras / Motion Sensors; and,
  • Identity and Access Control.

Like the concept of IoT, EPIC strives to have corporations of all sizes to represent themselves digitally through technology and thereby allow themselves to become greater than their singular presence as a service provider; connecting all of their available resources including but not limited to: internal subject matter experts, their respective service teaming partners and clients. Success through collaboration…