United States Government – The Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade CommissionEnterprise Application Security

EPIC prepared for the FTC a Hercules Citadel Patch Management software recognized in the Federal Government venue as the best-in-breed. 

Patch Management is the process of controlling the deployment and maintenance of interim software Releases Into production environments. The EPIC Patch Management and security software solution provided FTC with the following benefits: 

  • An automated, centrally managed patch management solution that is a critical component of the FTC business operations;
  • Mitigation of the FTC Enterprise System through the utilization of re-imaging since attacks often leave “trap doors” and “Back doors” for further exploitation; and,
  • Alleviation of  typical  financial impacts attributed to  poor patch management utilities.  The  typical impact profile includes: Considerable downtime causing the interruption of critical business systems; Lost end-user productivity; Missed or corrupted transactions ; Lost of data integrity; Lost business during an incident; Lost of credibility and reputation.