Weirton Area Port Authority

Weirton Area Port Authority WAPA - EPICpg.comWeirton Area Port Authority (WAPA) has invested assets into the next generation of Inland Port Authorities using next-generation technologies capable of delivering world-class logistics, handling and tracking for Fortune 500 international companies in Weirton, West Virginia. 

EPIC designed a network infrastructure solution that included the following goals:

  • Create a private 10. Internal Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect its existing servers, Environmental, River buoy and Lighthouse sensors;
  • Create a web and database application that interfaces to the sensor arrays and provide various levels of users;
  • Create an Integrated Early Warning and First Responders system;
  • Create an Automated Identification System & Manifest tracking system which will provide login interfaces for barge operators to update manifest and schedules; and,
  • Create a Very High Frequency (VHF) Voice Interface that will transmit weather, manifest data and traffic data to the Authority’s Federal client data.

“EPIC has played a leadership role with the enhancement initiatives associated with the Weirton Area Port Authority located in Weirton, West Virginia… EPIC was been instrumental in securing a number of Federal agencies’ interest in the Port including but not limited to: Homeland Security, the Department of Defense and the National Guard. The EPIC team has also provided the Development Team with the necessary resources for continued growth for the Port. Those resources were: Information Technology Consultancy, Construction Funding, Legal, Real Estate and Governmental Affairs support services. I highly recommend the EPIC Paradigms Group in problem solving and resource management.”

John Vargo, Principal of Tri-State Port Management – Public Private Partner of Weirton Area Port Authority (WAPA)

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